Our A-Level courses will provide you with flexible pathway to university and further studies and offer prospective employers the higher level qualifications they look for.

Our A-Level courses…

Biology A-Level

This core science subject will give you a thorough grounding in the practical and theoretical aspects of biology.

Chemistry A-Level

This course will build on your keen interest in physical science, and allow you to progress to higher education and eventually to careers in areas such as medicine, pharmaceuticals or veterinary science.

English Literature A-Level

This course will develop your critical judgement and close reading skills and also provide a broad overview of English literature from the Elizabethan era to the present day.

Film Studies A-Level

If you have a passion for film, this course will help you develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the film industry as well as genre, narrative and how meaning is created in film.

History A-Level

History is a fascinating subject to study at A-level and can be as versatile as English in terms of the doors it can open to university.

Law A-Level

You will learn how the English legal system works and gain a thorough and detailed understanding of the law, which will provide a natural progression to degree level study.

Media A-Level

This course reflects the growing importance of media studies as a subject and the mix of theoretical and practical work gives you the flexibility to choose topics and interests including radio, television, publishing and film. 

Physics A-Level

Physics is an important subject in so many careers including environment and climate science, medicine, engineering, architecture, civil engineering, sports and games.

Psychology A-Level

A-Level Psychology is a useful subject across a wide range of industries that will give you a good understanding of how scientists investigate psychological phenomena.

Sociology A-Level

Ever wonder why people behave the way they do? This course covers a variety of social issues from a range of theoretical perspectives.