Drama students get exam ready with play

A-Level Drama students attended a show in London to help prepare them for their upcoming exam.

The group visited the Sam Wanamaker Theatre at Southbank to watch Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe, directed by Paulette Randal.

This particular play is part of the set texts the students study for their final exam, so having the opportunity to watch it on stage has helped them understand the performativity of the poetic language of the Elizabethan times.

In the production the students saw, the director chose a gender-crossing theme, where Faustus and all the main parts were performed by women. This inspired the students to discuss subjects such as gender, director’s choices, classical texts and transposing context.

Drama Course Leader Natalie Katsou said it was an invaluable experience for the students.

She said: “The students were delighted to have a production as a point of reference for their further exploration of the text, it will certainly help them explore the topic in their exam.

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