GCSE results day - Zack Short

Budding medical researcher Zack came to the college two years ago with a U in English. Last year he improved to a grade 3 and this year, after a massive effort he came away with an impressive grade 6.

Studying is not easy for Zack as he is partially sighted and the amount he can see varies from day to day. He explained: “For every one page of text I have 20 pages of braille to get through and I admit that sometimes I felt like chucking it all in. I just said to myself ‘fight through it’, and in the end I got a good result.”

“I have had lots of support and made some good friends who are very proud of my achievements.”

Zack is continuing to study a Level 3 Applied Science course at the college which he hope will bring him closer to his dream of being a medical researcher.