Students attend cyber security event

Criminology and Forensic Investigation degree students attended a cybercrime event to further their knowledge in the subject.

The event, held at the Hive Enterprise Centre, Southend, opened with a talk by David Anthony from the Cyber Crime Unit of Essex Police, who talked about best practice in relation to passwords.

The group also learnt about Eastern Region Special Operations Unit’s Cyber Prevent Strategy, which is aimed at young people who may be inadvertently dabbling in cybercrime without realising that they are breaking the law.

The strategy aims to deter individuals from getting involved in cyber-dependent crime and instead steer them onto a pathway leading to a career in cyber security, where they can use their skills to penetrate security systems legitimately.

The event finished with participants being divided into groups, where they played a cybersecurity game with Lego.

BSc (Hons) Criminology and Forensic Investigation Programme Leader, Angela Morrissey, and Cybercrime Module Leader, Galina Dimitrova also attended the event.

Angela said: “The students benefitted enormously from this event as it complemented the requirements of the assessment that they are currently working on. It was also well-organised, interesting and enjoyable.”

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