What happens if I don't pass the interview?

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For some of our courses you will be asked to attend an interview event. At an interview event you will meet with one of the course tutors. This is a great chance to ask questions and for you to give us an idea of why you want to complete the course and what plans you have for after you finish your studies.

It is not a case that you won’t pass the interview, the interview is there to ensure that you meet entry requirements for the course and that it is the right study level for you.

If you have applied for an adult course then in addition to an interview event you may be asked to complete an assessment. An adult assessment is where you are asked to complete a short English and maths assessment to determine if you are working towards the correct level for your course.

All interviews and assessments are designed to ensure that you are following the right pathway. If there are any issues, there will be an opportunity to discuss your options with tutors and members of the Admissions department.

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