Kana Waiwaiku

Kana Waiwaiku

Kana Waiwaiku

Course studied
Art and Design (Graphic Design) Level 3 Extended Diploma

Why did you choose to study at South Essex College?

I was going to do law at first at Seevic, I went to sign on to a course and I decided I didn't want to do it so I came to the College the day after and signed up to do a graphics course.

What is rewarding about your occupation?

It is the look on someone's face when you give them something and they didn't know that it could look like that, and also when you give them something that they want but there's that next bit that is solely you. And just figuring out stuff.

Did your training in graphic design help you to become a better photographer and director?

I think that with photography, since I have done graphics I know what things need to be like.

How do you get noticed?

There's a lot of different ways. I still do things like direct mail where I send out small prints and cards to various people and I know a guy that went over to New York and he wanted to meet up with some firm, so he got his work printed on a pizza box and sent them pizzas every day and I thought, 'that's kinda cool.'