Logistics & Transport

Get your career on the move with a logistics qualification

Logistics and transport is about moving, storing and supplying things. This includes anything and everything, from people and animals to goods and services.

Without logistics personnel our lives would be very different. The logistics and transport industry is responsible for the way we travel and the supply of everything we purchase, either in a shop or on the internet.

Every person and industry in the world is influenced by, and depends upon, transport and logistics. This means that there are plenty of diverse careers available in this exciting, fast-paced and ever-changing sector.

Our logistics and transport team are committed to providing you with top quality programmes that are taught by industry- trained professionals.

We also offer short courses if you are currently working in the sector to further your study, including driver CPC courses.

The Thames Estuary is a hub of logistic and transport businesses and there has never been a better time to study logistics. If you are ready to pursue your dream career in this important and fascinating area, South Essex College is the place for you.